Peten, Guatemala in April

IMG_5282Bobby and I spent some time with Pastor Vicente and his family helping to pour a concrete floor for a temporary house World Reach Missions is building for his family in San Juan de Dios, Peten, Guatemala. I would like to say that I had a big part in the concrete pouring but I have to say Bobby, Pastor Vicente, and Pastor Antonio did the all the work. Instead I was able to have time with the children in the community – playing games, doing relay races, and sharing the love of Christ with them. Most of the children that came in the afternoons did not go to church, which means that neither do their parents. What a great opportunity for them to meet Pastor Vicente and to feel God’s presence on this piece of land that belongs to Him.

The concrete is poured and the floor is ready to put a house on it. Bobby and about 3 other men hope to come back this summer to finish up the work that has begun. We would appreciate your prayers as we raise funds for the rest of the house and continue the spread of the gospel of Christ in San Juan de Dios.

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