Sharing the Gospel 

Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ will look different depending on the individual. As ambassadors of Jesus Christ, we are gifted with different talents that when put in to practice are effective in reaching the world for Christ. It is easy to become tempted with the idea that it is about us and what we can do for the kingdom. When in reality it is about God’s desire to use us as instruments for His will. When we submit our lives to Christ, then we can be utilized as tools for His Kingdom. Consider the tools in the picture below. Each one is waiting to be used by someone to build something greater than itself. This is what God does when we submit our life to him. He uses our faithfulness, and our talents to build His kingdom.

Sharing the Gospel. World Reach Missions, Bobby & Willene Byrd

Thursday, Willene and I will be loading up these tools and driving nine hours to Petén, Guatemala to break ground for a new building on then World Reach Missions ministry site. Please pray for us as we start the first phase of building a church in San Juan de Dios for pastor Vicente Manzanares. We have opportunities available for ministry partners and short-term mission teams to be a part of reaching the lost in San Juan de Dios with the gospel of Jesus Christ. For more information please ‘contact’ us.

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