The ‘Yard Sale’

It becomes real when you start gathering your possessions to sale at a yard sale where the top price may only be 30 percent of what the original price was when it was a glimmer in your eye. It is amazing how insignificant our earthly possessions become when we realize God’s purpose for our life is to make eternal investments. Oh, don’t misunderstand what I am saying. I believe we live in a country where we have been blessed beyond measure and I do not think we should apologize or feel guilty for what Christians have been entrusted be stewards of. At the same time due to the depth of our blessings with have an incredible opportunity to use what God has entrusted us with to bless others. Is selling our non essentials, our home, and relocating to Guatemala a ‘Big Deal’? The obvious answer is YES, but so is what Jesus Christ did on that cross for all of humanity.

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