Hickory Grove Baptist Church Crew

World Reach Missions hosted a construction team from Hickory Grove Baptist Church to begin laying block for the church in San Juan de Dios with pastor Vicente. Even though temperatures exceeded 100 degrees some days and the humidity was higher than I can count – well not really quiet that high, but really high, they laid over 500 blocks and also poured concrete for the pillars. These six men from HGBC worked so hard with never a complaint and kept their humor about them during it all. Bobby and Vicente enjoyed working with them every day and even had some fun along the way. The last day was for the children and even after working all week they all pitched in to make this a special time for the children who came. Pastor Vicente always likes to end with a girls versus guys soccer game and I have to admit I was a little worried with all those guys teaming up together but thanks to some of the guys coming over to the girls side I believe we had the win in the bag. Laying this block was so important for this community but World Reach Missions will be forever grateful for the building of God’s Kingdom through the lives of these men who gave of their time and resources for this week.

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