Electrical connection – San Juan and La Gloria

It is 1am and I am patiently waiting for the flight that will take me to Houston. I have had some early morning flights before but this is the first time I have had an afternoon flight reschedule for a 3am departure due to weather.

However, this has created the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past ten days and the successes we experienced. We have been busy working with our pastors serving in the departments of Izabal and Petén Guatemala. From where we live in San Cristobal, it is about a 4.5 hour drive to Morales, Izabal and from there another 3.5 hour drive to Flores, Petén. Even though it is only 280 mile trip, you can only average about 40 miles per hour. Some of you who read this know first hand and can remember how treacherous the trip can be. It is always a blessing to survive the journey in one piece.

wp-1457597831158.jpgOnce we arrived in Petén we had very narrow window of time to complete our agenda. For the record it is a major accomplishment to get a new electrical connection, but after two trips to Petén, several trips to the attorney’s office, and building two 8 x 8 concrete posts I am happy to report we should have electrical meters on mounted on posts at both churches in 14 days or less. This will be a tremendous ministry tool that allows the churches to have lights and a sound system for music.

Willene and I were able to visit with Pastor Antonio and his wife Maricela in La Gloria for a while on Monday afternoon. I am always excited to see how much they accomplish. World Reach Missions has been able to provide the financial resources to build a power pole, install three steel doors, and stucco both the inside and outside of the church. All that is lacking to finish the church are the materials for the concrete floor.

Please be in prayer for the church in La Gloria, Petén. The construction of the new building has been going on for some time. We are hoping to have the floors finished by October when we will be hosting a medical team. The biggest challenge the church is facing is the introduction of electricity to the community. Television has become a stumbling block and a hindrance for church attendance. We are disappointed by this but ultimately our hope is in Christ who came to seek and save the lost.

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