Kids in San Juan de Dios

IMG_5563As the guys were constructing a house for pastor Vicente, we, Yessina and I, were having a blast with the kids in the community. I took a small parachute for the kids to play games with. This was something new for them so they really enjoyed it. I loved watching them come back day after day and asking for the parachute. Even though it is extremely hot in San Juan, the kids have an abundance of energy so we had a week of soccer, relay races, jumping rope and many other games. Playing with the children is something that I love to do but even more I love to tell them about Jesus. Some of the children have been coming to the service and could tell me their favorite stories in the Bible along with memory verses they have been learning. We shared the story of David and Goliath on Sunday to show the children that just like the Israelites needed someone to save them, we need Jesus as our Savior. It is a privilege to work along beside Vicente and Yessina as they share the gospel in San Juan de Dios.

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