Medical Mission for Jocotillo

[singlepic id=216 w=320 h=240 float=right]The end of July brought with it Lakeside Baptist Church. Through a medical clinic, God’s love was brought to the people of Jocotillo. Over 700 people were seen at the clinic with illness from malnutrition to some just needing someone to love them. Many people walked a long way to receive medical attention and medicine that otherwise they could not have afforded. Mother’s wanting vitamins for their children, children with stomach pains and fevers, older women, who have worked hard their whole lives ironing and washing clothes by hands, had shoulder pains and back aches, men who have worked bent over in the fields complained with leg and back pain and young pregnant women wanting to make sure their babies were healthy. One lady brought in her 6 children with a new baby who was malnourished. Her husband worked to provide for their family and extended family as well. The baby was so sick that the doctor didn’t know if he would live through the week. One lady came saying she had pneumonia when in reality she wasn’t sick but in desperate need of someone to hug her and love her. All of these things are terrible and so hard to see, but even worse is the sickness in their souls, the hunger that can only be filled with Christ. We are so thankful for this wonderful team who was willingly to sacrifice a week of their time to tell these hungry and thirsty souls about the bread of life and the living water. Three people made decisions to follow Christ during the clinic. What a privilege for our family to serve alongside this team!

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