Some friends of ours invited us to their church this morning. We can see the church from our house – it is the largest structure in Guatemala and it looms above San Cristobal. We pull into the parking lot where there are hundreds of parking lot attendants (not sure how they got that many volunteers) and are directed toward a parking deck that is at least 6 stories high. I am dizzy by the time we reach our parking place due to climbing the parking deck carousel for four stories. We entered the 12,000 seat sanctuary through a black curtain and because I am a little afraid of heights I begin to sweat. There are other hundreds of volunteers helping us find a seat and I was thankful to finally be safe in a seat. Taylor liked the seats because they are like coliseum seats yet cushioned, I was worried she might fall asleep… We stand to sing and as I look around I see around 4,000 people that don’t look anything like me nor do they communicate anything like me, but we are all praising one God with the first fruits of our praise. I notice tears streaming down a young man’s face in front of us and people all around longing for God’s presence just like I was. All barriers fell as I realized that we were there for the same purpose – to honor and glorify our Lord and Savior because He died for all! What a goal to fill that church with 12,000 people who love Jesus. The message was on the tongue and the responsibility of teaching God’s Word. The same Word and the same meaning 3,000 miles from home. God is good! We were all a bit overwhelmed and Bobby even felt like he had been in a tunnel and he understood even the jokes… People all over the world are hungry – as the body of Christ let’s give them the bread of life and the living water that they may have eternal life and never thirst again!

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