Willing to Go!

We have been home for two weeks now and I am still thinking about what our missionary pastor in Oaxaca, Mexico said to me when I asked him why he gave up a life in the United States to serve in some of the most remote areas of Latin America. Perhaps the word ‘remote’ does not adequately describe the living conditions Vicente Manzaneras and his wife Yessenia live in. There are no sources for clean drinking water except what is bought in bottles, the sanitation at best is horrible with raw sewage running into streams often, the educational resources are entirely dependent upon the commitment of the individual teacher and often the idea of hope is a hard concept to communicate. In spite of this Vicente was willing to sacrifice a comfortable life in the USA to go to a place where he would be the one offering comfort to the lost.

What was Vicente’s reason for leaving? This is what he told me, “I understand the cost that Jesus Christ paid for my salvation, this was the least I could do for Him”.

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