IMG_2926La Gloria is always 95 degrees or above with little relief in the shade. It is dusty and dry during the summer months and muddy during the winter or rainy season. There is a pastor and his family that live in La Gloria in a one room house with an outdoor kitchen. When you walk in their house it is lined with beds and no windows. Next door is the church, built of wood, that was provided for and built by Guatemalans living in the community. It has a dirt floor and plastic chairs with a stage in the front and it is filled with the Holy Spirit.
Antonio, the pastor, and his family work with the people in this area to share the love of Christ with all those they meet and that walk through the doors of the church. Their home is open to anyone in need and even though they have little their hearts are generous and when you are there it is home.

IMG_20151102_153026Marsela, Antonio’s wife, works with the children in Sunday school with little to no supplies. She can’t make copies nor run to the store to pick up construction paper but she tells the children about Jesus and His love for them. We supply curriculum and whatever else we can to help her with her Sunday school class. Teams are welcome as they bring VBS to the children, who love seeing people from the States and hearing their funny language.

The doors are open in this community to more teams and more work to share the gospel of Jesus Christ and tell the people about His saving grace.

Where is La Gloria? Click here to see an interactive map.