When driving through Guatemala City it’s hard to believe you are looking at a first world city, and then just ten minutes away in the city slums, you find a community called La Barranquilla. You walk to the end of the street and then begin to descend over 100 steps down with houses on both sides where wonderful Guatemalans peek out of their doors to see who is visiting their humble community. You will find the people in this community are some of the most wonderful in the world.

La Barranquilla is located on one side of a great ravine with houses built side by side on both banks. There is water running constantly in between both sides of the ravine that carries trash and sewage through the community. First glance, this takes away from the majestic beauty of the land and is hard to believe that it is acceptable but this does not discourage us from teaching about the importance of keeping God’s beautiful creation clean.

We work with the children weekly sharing with them the love of Christ, coloring, and playing games. The opportunity to teach the children Bible stories and scripture memorization is an essential part of the ministry and we look forward to being part of this. We make every attempt to make the adults part of the ministry focus, especially the women. It is a great time to see the ladies to come together away from the hard work they do in their homes and learn more about the Bible and also to fellowship with one another.

We are grateful for the generosity of one of the Christian ladies in the community who is making her home available for our kids club. We know that this is not a long term solution and are praying about the purchase of a piece of land to build a structure to use for ministry activities. We appreciate your prayers and any donations to help us continue reaching this community for Christ.

Where is La Barranquilla? Click here to see an interactive map.