…Identifying opportunities to address the physical needs of those who are poor in spirit by being the hands and feet of Christ…

Medical Clinics bring in doctors, nurses, and lay people who provide care for the families in the communities where we serve. These clinics also aid in providing support to the local pastors to build relationships within their communities. The clinics include treatment for various types of illnesses and basic procedures that we take for granted. An option that we include in some clinics is to provide a basic eye exam and reading glasses. We have been amazed at the number of people who have requested this just so they can read their Bible.

Construction Projects help to bring safety by building bridges, fixing faulty steps, and other projects as well. This includes building structures to house community activities to introduce the people to the love of Christ by working along beside them. More importantly than building structures, we build relationships within the community.

Project ‘Penny’ was born out of a single life changing event God used to show us that mankind is of intrinsic value to Him. Whether the need is food or clothing we see this as an opportunity to share Christ both spiritually and physically. Whether it is distributing clothing to the needy or preparing food for the hungry it is a great time to get to know the people and meet them where they are. We encourage our ministry partners to get involved with meeting the community’s needs as a way to open the door to sharing the Gospel.