Over the Mountain and Through the Creeks

May 29th – June 4th Mission trip to Izabal, Guatemala

Steven and Meshach from Peace Haven Baptist Church joined a World Reach Missions team consisting of Bobby, CJ, Amelia, Taylor, and me for the purpose of visiting two of our churches in the mountains of Guatemala. It was a great opportunity for us to conduct a Vacation Bible School to reach the children in these areas. The pastor in Tres Pinos, Pastor Carlos commented that, “most of the children that participated in the VBS (over 60 each day) didn’t attend church and came from unbelieving families.” We were able to visit the school in this community where we joined them in their recess and shared the story of Zacheus. Not very many of the 70 plus children knew anything about Jesus in the school. What a door of ministry to walk through with the gospel.

I think we will remember this trip by the “story of the van”. As we were traveling up the mountain to Bonanza, the van got stuck going up one of the many steep hills that we had to climb. It was just not going up that part of the mountain. We tried everything from placing rocks in the tire tracks, to sitting in the very back of the van to add weight, to attempting to go up every angle, and nothing worked. We had been praying in our hearts, but we knew that we had to pray out loud together, so we did. Joining hearts and minds to petition God to do a mighty work, knowing that we couldn’t make it without Him, we cried out for Him to show up. After praying Bobby got back in the driver’s seat to drive the van up the hill, as the girls got in the back of the van, and the guys readied themselves to push. As Bobby put his foot on the gas…. God took that van, with no effort, right up the mountain and straight to Bonanza where about 120 kids were sitting and waiting for us to get there.

Unimaginable more is what comes to mind – God’s plan of sharing the gospel will prevail. Lives were changed forever.


Willene B.

Peace Haven & World Reach Missions

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