The Shelter of the Most High

He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”  Psalm 91:1-2

God has blessed us with a car and I was so excited because it started off so smooth. I turned in the rental, took a taxi, spoke Spanish the whole time, and made it home with the car without getting lost. There was some praising and singing on the way home, I might add. Of course with the praising in the good times there must come a lesson of praising in the trials. I drove this car for two weeks with no problems and then Bobby decides we need to read the manual on the car’s security system. Needless to say, I was not thrilled because I knew what would happen if the security system was not handled properly. In case you are wondering, let me explain, if any door is opened while the car is running or even while it is not you must hit the hidden (did I say HIDDEN) button that will tell the car that you are not being car jacked. If this button is not pushed (did I say the HIDDEN button) within seconds the alarm will go off, loud noises and lights flashing, then the car will proceed to shut down completely, meaning that you can not restart the engine unless you know the secret handshake… Bobby practiced and practiced while I hid in the house pretending to be busy.

The time came for me to drive the car. I was sweating and complaining. I had so enjoyed driving the car…until now. Everything had changed, the car had become my enemy, the path to possible embarrassment.  Things would never be the same between us and no longer could I drive with assurance. I arrived at Taylor’s school and she waited until I found the hidden button because that would be the only way she could get out of the car, otherwise we would both have to stay in the car for the remainder of the day. My finger positioned on the hidden button I told her to jump out and run to save her any further embarrassment which she readily did. I thought all was well until I began to hear the warning sound that the car jack mode had been set – of course at this time the button hid itself even more and I was unable to find it. I panicked and began to drive out the entrance instead of the exit to the school, which shocked and frightened the Guatemalan that was guarding the gate. I stopped just short of running him over and finally was able to turn off the whole security system – who needs it I thought.

As I drove off, God ever so gently reminded me of a statement that Bobby had made just before I left the house…”Isn’t it funny how we are more concerned with our comfort than our security.” God showed me that He calls us to be out of our comfort zone all the time and when we step out then we find security with Him. Since this day I have become quite proficient with the security system and now I enjoy my car more then ever because it is a source of protection for me and my family. God is teaching me that if I am willing to step out and do hard things His everlasting arms are always there for me. In Guatemala, every day seems to pull and stretch me and at times I feel uncomfortable, but at those times I remember that He is my Refuge, my Strong Arm. Out of my comfort zone into His safety – no place I would rather be.

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    You probably don’t remember me. We went to Hickory Grove for years until we moved 3 years ago to the beautiful Ashe Co. mountains. Wille Mae Rumph forwarded your web site to me. Enjoyed your writings so much. Admire you and your families work. Will keep you in my prayers.

    Marilyn Miller